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We limited the number of participants so every girl can get individual attention.

The response to this workshop is so strong that we're hoping to offer it again in the next couple months.

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mary losureMary Losure, author of Backwards Moon and other books for ages 7 to 12, is offering her first interactive online fiction writing workshop for girls ages 10-12.  

Mary says, "Scientists say our brains have two sides. One is logical. The other loves dreaming. Writers use both sides."   

Girls will have hands-on participation throughout with guided writing before the first session and help revising between the two sessions. 

Video conferencing will connect the girls and Mary with everyone able to interact. 



Backwards Moon cover


Show Your Daughter Her Talent is Real

By age 10, girls who want to write fiction can feel vulnerable about sharing their creative imaginations with others. It's natural for them to want approval of their writing from adults and peers.

But it's a fine line between squashing their joy in writing and giving meaningless praise.  They can't grow as creative writers without honest feedback.

Children's author Mary Losure will give the girls in this workshop the tools to keep faith in their own creativity while they learn that rewriting contributes greatly to their story and doesn't have to be a confidence-shattering exercise. 

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Session One is August 13 at 2 - 2:45 pm, central time  

Session Two is August 20, 2 - 2:30 pm central time

The video conference app works on any computer, laptop or tablet that has both a camera and a microphone.  It doesn't work well on a smartphone. 

On August 3 we'll email you the simple directions and links for how to access the video conference with a free app so you can set it up well before the first session.  We don't want your daughter to miss anything if it's not set up on whatever computer, laptop or tablet she'll use during the workshop. 

If you have any questions about setting up the video conferencing app email us at this link by August 9 so we have a couple days to help you before the workshop. Sandy provides live support M-F, 8am - 4pm central time so include the best way for her to contact you during those hours.