New Moon Girls Editorial Board!

We are BY girls and FOR girls in our magazine and girls online community. The Girls Editorial Board (GEB) is behind it all, making decisions and working with our adult staff . Last week we welcomed 15 new members onto our board and that’s exciting!

We got so many applications from truly wonderful girls. It was very hard to pick the 15 newest members. If you weren’t one of the lucky girls to get chosen this time you can apply again in early 2016 if you’ll be age 8-12 then.

Meet all of the GEB members below. They work hard to find and create and bring the world the very best info and features for girls ages 8 to 14. It’s their job to make New Moon Girls the best it can be for all members. Girls Online members can login to to directly share your ideas and say congratulations to the GEB.  If not an online member you can send a note here and staff will share it with the GEB.

If you applied, but didn’t make it onto the GEB this time, there are still LOTS of ways you can help. Stop by our Luna’s Team page often to see the latest assignments. Each and every member has an important part to play in making New Moon Girls great.

Now, without further ado – the 2015 GEB Members!!

Abi Hi! I’m Abi, and I am so excited to be on the GEB! I have a little sister named Amelia and two cats called Katniss and Rue. I am a fangirl of many fandoms, (Harry Potter, Doctor Who, MLP, Sherlock BBC, etc..). I play piano and I do Ninjutsu, a martial art that is very awesome. 
Broghan Broghan is a 9 year old native of Michigan. She is an avid reader and self-proclaimed “Potterhead.” She really enjoys crafting doll clothes and dwellings out of cardboard, paper and duct tape, playing Minecraft, and fighting patriarchal hegemony. She has been an actor on and off since she was one year old. 
Charlie Hi my name is Charlie. I live in Portland, OR and I’m in sixth grade. Some of my favorite books are “Out of My Mind” and “I am Malala”. I like them because they are about strong girls. I like NMG because it supports girls and reminds us to be true to ourselves.
Clara Clara, 12, Rhode Island, enjoys sewing, drawing, and playing the oboe, as well as spending time with her pets, a cat named Lola and a dog named Daisy.
Diana Hi! My name is Diana. I love NMG because I can be myself, and everyone on it around me can be themselves, too! I LOVE being on the GEB (Girls Editorial Board)! I also like to sing, dance, act, and play my FAVORITE instrument, the flute! I also started the piccolo (mini flute) this year! My favorite animal is a snow leopard. I love New Moon Girls, and hope that everyone else on NMG does, too!
Halina I guess I’m a bit strange… I am now a little bit obsessed with the band Nirvana, but it’s just a monthly phase. I also am interested in taking black and white photos of veins, and kind of body parts that we look at so often that we don’t even really notice them. I also am a person who has so many ideas that it’s hard to make them come true, but I try…
Hallie I love technology. I especially like using the vinyl cutter to make stickers and t-shirts. I also like to build CO2 cars and I do web design and coding in Java. I also like science. I did Science Olympiad this year. Individually I ranked second on the Anatomy test and fourth on the Entomology test in regionals. 
Isabella M. I’m homeschooled and a vegetarian. I enjoy reading several books at the same time, drawing, and playing with my adorable cats. I love to write and have three books going right now! I ride, scoop stalls, and get to know seven wonderful horses. I am also obsessed with music and I also play the piano.
Isabella T. I’m Isabella Rose. I love my home! There are lots of rocks in it. There’s a fireplace in it that is cozy! My dog likes to lie down by it. My cats Fluffy (boy) and Fiona (girl) love to cuddle. Fluffy goes under my covers and Fiona on my bed.
Jordyn Hello, my name Is Jordyn Madison LaMya. I have two middle names! I love to draw and write stories. I am very social and like to have a lot of fun. I love to swim and I want a horse named Innocence one day. My favorite color is blue.
Josie I love reading and writing. I especially like reading for fun curled up with one of my dogs. Another thing I enjoy is robotics team at school and I can code a robot. I also like math. I love trying new things such as ceramics, game design, animation, etc. I love playing with my sister and dogs, watching movies, and going to plays with my family.
Leeloo I love to read, write, climb trees, sing, dance, draw, make things, do aikido and flying trapeze, and be with my cats. I am a homeschooler and my goal is to be a holistic/naturopathic veterinarian and help animals in any way I can.
Luna I’m on a debate team, soccer team, i was in my city’s science fair and I’m on the student council at my school. I like to dance, act, sing (though I’m not good), jump on my trampoline and read. I have a cat named Kaos and I am what you might call a gleek.
Maika My name is Maika-Evelyn but I go by Maika E. I adore my two dogs and pet snake. I now speak three languages. Ever since grade one I have loved to write and read, a lot! Besides this I like to sing, do wilderness survival, play on the computer and spend time with my friends. I am finishing up my second novel to be published in the fall of 2015.
Maya Maya is a creative bookworm from New York. She loves to write stories and poems. She also adores monkeys, stuffed animals, doodling, dark chocolate, reading novels, the color turquoise, computer games, and a lot more!
Mazie ​Mazie’s perfect day would be storm clouds, bean bags and throw pillows, a stack of books and a friend. Although of Earth, she’s enveloped in other worlds, too, like Hogwarts, Middle Earth, Narnia, Oz, Wonderland, and Panem.
Sophie I’m 10. I live in MN. I play fast-pitch softball, swim, snow ski and love camping. My family has a goal of visiting all 58 National Parks. I have 2 cats, Olaf and Sven, and a younger sister. I play percussion and piano. My fav color is teal and my fav restaurant is Chipotle.
Tallulah  I like to watch Adventure Time, Teen Titans, Buffy, Once, FairyTail! I like to read, write, draw, dance, and draw anime. I’m a huge Hunger Games Fan. I’m not socially awkward I just like to hang out with my cats..not people.. I’m kinda that girl in the back of the room just..well.. sitting there.. I’m into heavy metal, death metal and rock. I’m Pastel Goth.
Valentina Some of my favorite things to do are read, dance, sing, and read more. I like to make things. All I need is some glue, paper, and markers, and I can make most things that I want, from dolls to hats to pretend pots and pans. Some of my biggest projects are a 3 foot tall 3D giraffe made out of paper and a dollhouse that I made out of cardboard, complete with wallpapered rooms, beds, tables, and chairs.
Zoe I love to write, read and draw. I have a big imagination and will often day-dream about a book or a fan fiction or really anything else. I love American Girl dolls and sewing outfits for mine. I absolutely love hair, playing with it and styling it. I’m homeschooled and I love Doctor Who! And, of course, I’m a huge Potterhead! I love Harry Potter.