Articles for Parents & Adult Allies of Girls

Our extensive library of practical and inspiring pieces help you gain perspective and realize you’re not alone in your questions about raising girls. From experts, regular parents, teachers, researchers, youth workers and girls. We feature 2 different pieces each week with the new piece appearing on Saturday morning, USA time. Want to contribute an article? Click to see our guidelines.

Communication – Do you ever feel like you no longer speak your daughter’s language? We have articles about mother-daughter and father-daughter conversations, talking about tough topics, and making smart media choices.

Education – School is a big part of girls’ lives, but she’s learning through all her interactions and experiences. These articles cover school, college, and learning outside the classroom.

Family Life – Families come in many configurations, and our experts have wisdom for all of them. Check out our articles on blended families, sibling rivalry, and non-parental adults in your girls’ life.

Friends – As girls grow up, their focus becomes more concentrated on their friends. These articles can help you support your daughter as she navigates these important relationships, from mean girls to group dates to friends who make choices she disagrees with.

Health – You know that health is about more than making sure your girl gets her yearly physical. Our health articles include information on mental health, sports, puberty, eating disorders, and more.

Popular Culture – Popular culture is a powerful influence on girls, especially in the tween and teen years. Discuss how you help your daughter cope with its power, especially in media including music, internet, tv & movies, videogames, apps, fashion, fads, and more.