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Get and give support, help and your best advice to make it through tough times.

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Why Girls Love NMG

I could not have gotten through 7th grade without it! - Adelaide

NMG has taught me so many different things about growing
up as a girl. -Gabriela

NMG changed my life. I started to overcome some of my fears and
look on the bright side of things. - Erin

I enjoy reading through my old magazines whenever I feel stressed
or just want to have fun. - Sarah

It's fantastic NMG tells girls that it's ok to be themselves, and
gives them good advice about the world around them
and growing up. - Grace

I've been a member since I was 8, and I'm almost 14 now :D
NMG is a place to be free, honest and thoughtful. - Sarah

Why Parents & Allies Love NMG

NMG is refreshingly different from mainstream corporate media. It's a
godsend for girls, for their parents and for professionals.
- Mary Pipher, author of Reviving Ophelia

I really love New Moon. As a guidance counselor, and as a mom, I use it as a resource for sparking conversations, thinking, and changing behaviors with the girls I know. - Jeannette Moreau

Thank you so much for being such a positive teacher for my most beloved niece. NMG has been one of the most wonderful gifts I have ever given her. Your influence has helped shape a terrific, kind, self-aware girl. - Lynn Gillis

NMG was a valued and treasured magazine for my daughter from age 8 - 14. She waited for it to come in the mail and she read it cover to cover immediately. I strongly recommend it to all young girls who want to share with their peers from all over the world to discover different world views unencumbered by insidious and harmful advertising. It is also a wonderful forum for self-expression and sharing as it is written by girls and not controlled by an adult club with ulterior motives. A wonderful, wonderful contribution to girl culture. - Bernadette Peets
As the father of two (amazing) daughters, I wish to express my deepest gratitude for NMG. I read it too as I believe it is important to always be in "parental-learning mode" and to understand that their world is not only different because of their gender but because of the times in which they live and their age. There is a very sad dearth of positive publications, especially for girls. It is not hard to find examples of magazines which are designed to make the reader feel inadequate or "uncool" particular for girls- so much out there is focused on body image, how to pick up boys and how to be "cool." NMG allows EVERY girl to feel "cool," as it should be! THANK YOU! - Mark Green
Hi - I just want to let you know that New Moon has been a godsend for my daughter. This year, my 9 year-old was in an awful school situation where she was completely frozen out socially. Her one friend had moved to Nepal(!) and she was friendless. NMG online was a wonderful safe place where she could connect with nice girls, get positive feedback, chats, etc and express herself without worrying about being 'uncool'. She has moved to a great new school where kindness and respect are part of the curriculum. As a mom, I really appreciate NMG and the positive, fun environment you have created for my girls. THANK YOU!!! - Tori Owen